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Makership Meeting #2

The second Makership meeting took place on Tuesday, July 9th. The Makership Program pairs students (the makers) in primary education with knowledgable Sector67 members, who serve as their mentors. The makers work with together with a mentor, bringing a maker’s

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LED Holiday Wreath Build

I was looking for a fun and simple project to learn about the new laser cutter at Sector 67, so I decided to use it to cut some acrylic to hold some RGB-addressable LEDs in the shape of a holiday

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Running Node.js on a Raspberry Pi

Sector67 member Monty spent way too much time setting up a Raspberry Pi to run Node.js (which happens to include a handy serial library to enable webserver level Arduino communications) to be overlooked: My local hackerspace Sector67 held a 24 hour build

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MakerBot / Arduino music project

I recently completed a project that I’ve been working on at Sector 67 for a few months: an algorithmic audio composition, a MakerBot-printed 3D “score” of the composition, and an Arduino-powered device that coordinates the audio playback of the composition

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Experience Making PCBs from Fritzing

With some help from Chris and Sector67, I’ve been able to work out a process for getting to a custom-fabricated printed-circuit board (PCB) that’s amazingly simple and straight-forward, even for people who aren’t “hardware guys”. This article gives an over-view

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Laser Display

For the past few weeks I’ve been working in spare time on a project that I originally did in high school. I wanted to resurrect it so that I could possibly take it to schools and give demonstrations. However, another opportunity has

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Art and the Arduino

It is a strange sight, like a snapshot of an Olympic swimming competition taken from below. Five swimmers, frozen in position, pulse with life. A light from each swimmer’s heart beats and illuminates the swimmer briefly. As the heart’s light

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Train Detecting Automatic Window Closer

A Sector67 member has the fortune to live in a really cheap apartment – only after the lease was a long signed and summer set in did it finally dawn on him why rent was cheap – those parallel steel

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Arduino Class Pictures

Markus was kind enough to shoot some great photos at the last Arduino class: Have a look at the full set on Picasa.

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Arduino Nights!

Tonight (12/1) and tomorrow (12/2) Sector67 will be hosting open Arduino nights, so bring in your stuck/unfinished/sick-of Arduino projects and get them finished off.  We’ll be providing comfortable seating, workbenches, soldering irons, friendly faces and warmth (/no snow) – you

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Updates! – MSN Article, Arduinos in stock, Arduino class tonight

Couple of interesting things to report: MSN has a surprisingly well written and interesting summary of hackerspaces throughout the country. Our reseller order from Adafruit Industries has arrived, meaning that we have (and will continue to stock) Arduino Unos.  In

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Preparing Arduinos for BarCamp

Nate and I have been hard at work getting Arduino microcontrollers ready for BarCampMadison.  We first attempted to etch, populate, and solder up our own Arduino clone that could be made as cheaply as possible: The problem we immediately ran

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