What’s going on in Sector67 right now!


Interested in stopping out? Please check the calendar to see if we’re open or call 608-241-4605 if you have questions.


Sector67 is a Community Workspace / Hackerspace / Makerspace / Collaborative Environment in Madison, WI dedicated to providing members the opportunity to work on tomorrow’s technology; to build, collaborate, learn, and teach about next generation devices.

Artist? Engineer? Programmer? Sculpter? Tinkerer? Hobbyist? RC Enthusiast? Maker? Builder? Prototyper? Business Person? Thinker? Visionary? Entertainer? Designer? Writer? Hacker? – We’d like to give you a place to work and discover new ideas.


We have a little over 19,320 square feet at 56 Corry St (Atwood Neighborhood on the near east side), feel free to stop out during hours posted on the calendar or call 608-241-4605 to see if anyone is here. Full memberships are 100/month, 50/month for college students. This membership gives you access to the space, tools, and equipment you’ve been trained to use. We offer a la carte classes for more sophisticated equipment like welders, mills, lathes, 3D printers; and require a shop safety/orientation class to keep the insurance companies happy and you safe. Most classes are (roughly) flat rate 20/hour.

OLD Video Tour

This tour is from September 2014 at our old space on Winnebago St:
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Office Space

Looking for a great environment to launch your business? Sector67 is leasing desk space in a shared office environment for 200/month (cost includes a membership) for a 7′ x 7′ dedicated workspace. We also have 4′ dedicated desks for 150/month (cost includes a membership). Amenities include parking, “land line” telephone, wired/wireless internet, access to a conference room, business mailing address, lots of whiteboard, full workshop/machine shop access, and the potential to collaborate with other Sector67 members to get your business moving forward. Stop in for a tour and learn more about the benefits of working from Sector67.


Yes, we do have co-working space available anywhere in the shop or meeting spaces. We offer first come, first serve day-to-day workspace whenever key-carrying full members are present. Co-working membership includes internet access and the opportunity to pull up a seat where space is available; cost is currently 30/month and requires automatic payment (ACH, bill pay, or PayPal) – please contact us if you’re interested in learning more about this opportunity.


We have lots of equipment, it’s not all listed here.

    • Welding/Casting:
      • Thermal Dynamics Dynapack 110 plasma cutter that can sever cut 3/8″ metal
      • Thermal Dynamics PAKmaster 38XL
      • Many bench grinders, brushes, and vises
      • 6″ belt sander
      • Pneumatic planishing hammer
      • English wheel with 2″, 3″, 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″ dies
      • Tormach 4′ x 4′ CNC plasma cutter with Hypertherm Powermax 65A Torch
      • Omax 2626 40kpsi waterjet cutter 24″ x 24″ bed area
      • [Sold]Lotos 80A plasma cutter on a CNC gantry
      • Acetylene torch, including brazing, cutting, micro heads
      • Air-Acetylene torch
      • Evolution EVO355 tooth and abrasive saws
      • Startrite 275mm true cold saw cf275td
      • 20″ drill press
      • 10″ drill press with tube coper cutting attachment
      • 3 phase 8″ stand grinder
      • 12″ arbor press
      • Sheet metal shrinker/stretcher
      • HFT 99736 Tubing/square stock roller 3/4″, 1″, 1-1/2″, 2″ dies + 1/2″ square die
      • HFT 36790 ring roller
      • True mandrel air over hydraulic bender 1″, 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″, 1-3/4″ dies
      • 12 ton wel-bilt hydraulic shoe bender 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″, 2″ dies
      • [Sold] HFT flux core MIG welder
      • Miller 175 MIG welder with Miller aluminum spool gun
      • Miller 211 MIG welder
      • Miller Millermatic 250 MIG welder
      • PowCon 300st DC TIG welder with stick welding clamp
      • Miller Syncrowave 200 TIG welder with watercooled torch and stick welding clamp
      • Miller Dialarc HF TIG welder with watercooled torch and stick welding clamp
      • Miller PSW-1020mt 45A 6500A instant spot welder with long jaws
      • Tooluxe 115v chain mail ring spot welder
      • MD50 magnetic drill – 2″ diameter 3/4″ shank and 3/4″ capacity chuck, 2900lb hold force, 300rpm
      • JD2 Model 32 Hydraulic Bender – w/ 3/4NPT 180* 3.5″ radius die| 3/4″ OD tube 180* 2.25″ CLR
      • 20/20 Compact Metal Bender (solid rod/bar bender)
      • Torit welding exhaust system
      • Eastwood dual voltage powder coating gun
      • Blue-m laboratory / powder coat oven: 19-7/8 Depth, 24-7/8″ Width, 19-3/4″ Height
      • 55lb anvil and waist high stump mass
      • Piranha P50 Ironworker with many punch dies, 6″ brake attachment and die cutting platens
      • 20 ton shop press
      • Paragon 1193 high fire kiln
      • Propane powered portable furnace for batch melting aluminum or bronze
      • TP Tools 976 Sandblaster
      • Overhead chain fall
    • Concrete:
      • 12′ Tomahawk vibratory power screed
      • 36″ x 5″ Pole-mounted round blade fresno
      • 2x 48″ x 8″ Pole-mounted magnesium bull float
      • 3/4 HP handheld vibrator
      • 8″ x 8″ 1/2″ Radius 3/4″ groove walking groover
      • Pole-mounted finishing broom
      • 7HP Powerhorse plate compactor
      • 10″ Capacity core drill with stand, 1.73″ (44mm), 2.5″ (63.5mm), 3″, 3.5″ (88.9mm), 4.4″ (112mm) wet bits
      • Hand floats
      • Hand finishing trowels
      • Pile of edging tools
    • Laboratory / Analytic:
      • 1000x compound microscope
      • Analog stereo microscope
      • Digital microscope
      • Analytic scale
      • 30lb by 0.001lb counting scale
    • Sheetmetal:
      • Pexto 137-k 36″ 16 gauge stomp shear
      • Dreis and krump mfg 8′ 18 gauge brake
      • Stout WWII era 60″ 16 gauge finger brake
      • Pexto 581 45 duct beader and pleater
      • Pexto 5400 edge beader
      • Pexto 0585-h duct pleater
      • Easy Edger Lockformer L846
    • Plastics:
      • Gingery drill press mounted injection molder (thumb sized shot volume)
      • Precious Plastic Design 1.5HP Plastic Shredder
      • Conair Martin LP-1016 5HP granulator
      • 16″ x 24″ Heat Press for Sheet Press
      • [Sold] Boy 50T automatic plastic injection molder
      • [Retired] 1.75mm plastic extruder for 3D printer filament
      • Arburg automatic plastic injection molder (pneumatic ram system – thumb sized shot volume)
      • Vacuum former (Blank Size”/ Part Size”): (33×25/30.75×22.625|25×19/22.5×16.5|14×12/11.75×9.75) 0.060″ Styrene @ 6″ draw possible, maybe more.
      • Plastic Welder
      • 21″ Heat bender (heats acrylic/polycarbonate to form)
      • 32″ Heat sealer for sealing bags
    • Machine Shop:
      • Drill Presses
      • Enco manual mill
      • [Sold]CNC Lathe with LinuxCNC stepper controls
      • 2x Webb Champ 4 mills with LinuxCNC 3 axis and 4 axis CNC servo controls
      • Tormach PCNC 1100M mill with flood coolant and 4th axis
      • Tormach 15L Slant-pro CNC Lathe with tailstock
      • Air Compressors
      • [Donated to the Madison Science Museum] pair of 5.5kg payload 6 axis robot welding arms
      • Jet GH-1440ZX 3-1/8″ Spindle Bore Geared Head Lathe 14″ swing 40″ bed
      • [Sold]Jet 13″ swing 36″ bed manual lathe
      • High speed spindle PCB engraving mill with LinuxCNC stepper controls
    • Automotive:
      • 10,000lb vehicle lift
      • Hydraulic spring compressor
      • 3 high lift jack stands
      • High lift transmission jack
      • Lots of floor jacks and stands
      • Automotive jacks and jack stands
      • Hydraulic strut compressor
      • 20 ton shop press
      • Engine hoist
      • Autel DS708 vehicle scanner
      • Kvaser CAN Adapter
    • Bicycles:
      • Bike work stand
      • Cable lubricator
      • Cable cutter
      • Bearing press
      • Derailleur hanger alignment jig
      • Crank arm puller
      • Chain whip
      • Tire spoons
    • Woodworking:
    • 3D Printing:
      • Makerbot Replicator
      • 11 x Flashforge Replicator clones
      • Makerbot Thing-o-matic
      • Two Makerbot Cupcake CNC
      • Lulzbot Mini
      • Lulzbot Taz
      • Two Printrbot Simple Metal
      • Felix 3 Dual Extruder
      • Makergear M2
      • [Retired] Small form factor SLA resin printer (not reliable)
      • Custom built giant 3D printer
      • [Retired] RepRap Mendel Platform
      • [SOLD] ZCorp Z406 powder printer
      • [SOLD] 2 x ZCorp Z510 powder printer
      • [SOLD] ZCorp Z310 powder printer
      • [SOLD] Stratasys Dimension bst 768 printer
      • Usually a few other printers floating around
    • Electrical:
      • Many dual channel 100MHz oscilloscopes
      • FLIR EX320 Thermal Camera
      • TL866CS USB Universal Programmer with 9 Adapters
      • J-link V8 ARM Emulator ARM7 ARM9 ARM11 Cortex-M3 ADS IAR STM32 JTAG Programmer
      • Four channel 300MHz oscilloscope
      • High speed spindle circuit board engraving mill with LinuxCNC stepper controls
      • Rigol DS1052E two channel digital storage oscilloscope enabled to 100MHz
      • Saleae Logic Analyzer
      • Soldering Equipment – SMT and through-hole
      • Circuit board etching, either cupric chloride or mechanical engraving (most common now)
      • Function Generators
      • Lots of sorted but uninventoried components, good luck 🙂
      • Bench power supplies
      • 18650 style battery tab spot welder
      • Battery internal resistance tester
    • Heavy Equipment:
      • Genie 60-34 Boom Lift
      • Skyjack 3219 scissor lift
      • Genie GR20 lift
      • Toyota 7FGU32 Forklift
      • [Sold]Crown electric forklift 30SCT
    • Art/Textiles/Jewelry/Glass:
      • Brother PE800 CNC Embroidery machine
      • 52″ US Cutter adhesive vinyl cutter / marker plotter (direct draw fabric signs) and Sure Cuts A Lot software
      • [Retired] Melco SuperStar single head 6 needle embroidery machine and Embird software
      • Pfaff (straight) and Bernina (zig zag) industrial sewing machines
      • Pile of conventional home-style sewing machines
      • 3 Sergers, including a Janome 1100D
      • 2x Singer Model 151 Chunky Knitter Knitting Machine w/accessories
      • Janome CoverPro 1000CP coverlock sewing machine
      • Sturges Etching Press (works great with laser engraved plates)
      • Pottery wheel (go bug Midwest Clay Project!)
      • Kilns
      • Silk screening equipment, we have a bare four station press
      • Major/minor oxy-propane torch for glasswork and small lampworking torch
      • Gear reduced flat rolling mill
      • Powered electric flat rolling mill
    • Laser Cutting:
      • G. Weike 1290 CO2 Laser cutter – 1200 x 900 mm bed – 150W with rotary tables
      • 1480 Laser Cutter – 1400 x 800 mm bed – 150W with rotary table
      • [Sold]1 x 100W & 2 x 50W YAG fiber laser welders
      • [Sold]Full Spectrum 30W CO2 Laser cutter
      • [Retired] Preco Eagle 110 / Laser Machining Inc. (LMI) 130W (peak) flowing gas tubes and supplies
      • [Under Construction]500W 1064nm fiber cutting laser
      • 50W 1064nm galvanometer fiber marking laser
    • Locksport
      • Lots of pick kits/tools
      • Transparent practice locks
      • Foley Belsaw Model 200 key cutter
      • Airbag and automotive lockout kit
      • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 pin practice locks
      • Proxmark 3 RFID reader/writer
    • Construction:
      • Level5 drywall mud boxes and nail spotter
      • Hardwood floor stapler w/installation tools and hammer
      • EPDM roofing weighted roller
    • Office:


We have some metal/plastic/wood stock, an organized selection of a wide range of hardware, tons of electronics components (including LCD screens, Arduinos, LEDs, etc.), discarded commercial and industrial equipment to be repurposed, and lots of consumer products including giant boxes of wall-warts, power cords, DB9/DB25 cables, USB cables, ethernet cables, etc. Materials are available to members at cost of our acquisition, non-members at a mark-up.


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