Makership Meeting #2

The second Makership meeting took place on Tuesday, July 9th.

The Makership Program pairs students (the makers) in primary education with knowledgable Sector67 members, who serve as their mentors.

The makers work with together with a mentor, bringing a maker’s (highly) original idea to fruition.


All of the Makers submitted their ideas via a handwritten sketch or in words.


This is Iona’s idea, which is an automated greenhouse or plant watering system.


Niko’s project is intended to keep squirrels away from the bird feeder, using a fake moving owl to scare them away.


Liam’s creation is an electronic device designed to monitor water quality.


Peyton’s project is to create an action figure replica of himself.

There are five other projects, including a coxswain amp, a robot and a small pipe organ.


Chris talking to the Makers and Mentors.


Bob teaching the Makers who will use a 3D printer in their project.


Chris giving an Arduino course for the makers who will use microcontrollers in their creations.


Bob showing some Makers how the laser cutter works.

The next Makership meeting is July 21st.

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