EV Powers Hybrid Battery Service and Repair

In 2002, Eric Powers quit his full-time job to found and organize the Green Drive Expo, a car show focused on green innovation in the automobile industry.  After seven years and ten successful expos held in Madison, Wisconsin and the San Francisco Bay Area, Eric spotted a gap in the market, and got into the maintenance and repairs of hybrid electric cars by starting EV Powers Hybrid Battery Service and Repair in April 2013.  Also the founder of Madison Hybrid Group, a community organization of efficiency-focused hybrid owners, Eric knows the hybrid industry inside and out.


“Because many mechanics don’t do hybrid repairs, EV Powers Hybrid Battery Service and Repair provides other options to hybrid car owners who would otherwise have to pay a premium to have their battery serviced by the dealer”, says Eric.  In addition to offering new and refurbished batteries to replace failing hybrid batteries, EV Powers Hybrid Battery Service and Repair is the only shop in the State that will re-balance your battery.  Rebalancing will not fix the battery long-term, but can significantly extend the life and capacity of a failing battery.

Eric travels around Wisconsin to make repairs on site and works out of Sector67 to service Madison’s hybrid vehicles.  In addition to batteries, there are other specifics related to the transmission and cooling systems in hybrid cars that EV Powers Hybrid Battery Service and Repair can provide.  Make sure to check out your hybrid repair options before spending a fortune to have your battery replaced at by dealer!

Check out EV Powers Hybrid Battery Service and Repair’s website for more info: http://www.evpowers.com/  

This is the third of a series of posts about businesses working out of Sector67.  Check out the previous posts on Wiscowood and Adrian Pereyra.

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