Bike enthusiasts, Dylan Hughes and partner, were able to combine their passions for biking, recycling, and quality products with their new business WiscoWood. Together these entrepreneurial craftsmen hand make bike-related products from reclaimed wood and other scrap materials.

the process-4

A WiscoWood “Chain Link Wallet” made with reclaimed wood and a blown bike tire inner tube

The duo first came to Sector67 to learn woodworking and laser cutting, but without a specific project in mind.  After a few experimental laser-cut puzzles and tic-tac-toe boards, the thought of starting a business based on their love for bicycles and sustainable principles emerged last November.  WiscoWood now offers an array of unique products including wallets, earrings, and coasters for sale on their website, and is currently working to fill its first corporate order.  They heavily credit Sector67 for making their business possible by providing access to tools and processes that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive to buy or have done.

the process-11

The process starts with waste wood, which is crafted into WiscoWood’s one-of-a-kind products

“Many of the items we use in today’s society are made too cheaply and we throw too much away.  This is simply not sustainable”, says Dylan.  WiscoWood’s products are made almost completely from recycled materials, including all recycled wood and an assortment of used bike parts, including used chains and tire inner tubes.  Not only are their products made from recycled materials, but they are also built to last and have the character that encourages their long-term use.

Check out their website for more about WiscoWood and a full list of their products:


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