COVID-19 Activity

For the foreseeable future we’re going to be focused on helping our local healthcare system through the COVID-19 crisis that’s at our doorstep. If you need support or assistance please feel free to reach out to “team AT sector67 . O R G” and we’ll see what we can do.

We’re now complying with the state order to shelter in place and will be closed until this order is lifted.

We’re currently closed to new memberships until things get stabilized, we’re uncertain when that will be. Please keep yourself and your family safe, the less transmissions that occur, the less overloaded our healthcare providers will be. Even if you are young you are still at risk yourself and more importantly at transmission to those you are nearby. We’re vastly underscreening people, which means our reported infections don’t reflect the real transmission and infection rates – please keep our community safe and follow government guidelines.

DIY projects we’re aware of:

Prusa is manufacturing 3D printed face shields (and has a note on why 3D printing face *masks* is a bad idea). UW/Delve are working on their own design locally.

GHC has pulled together a patient/provider barrier system that they’re testing in-house.

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