Caught a Minute of Jim’s Time…..

I sat down with Jim to complete an old interview that Margie, a past Sector67 social media intern, had started but didn’t quite finish.  I found out Jim is a member of Sector67 since 2011 and has invented multiple products here. He is an Electrical Engineer by training and has artfully drafted his way into the character of our community.

Starting with some notes from Margie:

Margie: “What toys or tools did you play with as a kid?”

Jim: “Erector Sets. I loved building with them but often found they did not have enough pieces. Having to make do with what was available, I found myself creating additional parts/pieces I needed from other kits, materials, or toys.”

Margie: “What kinds of projects have you done?”

Jim: “Mostly projects to learn to be a designer. I started with 3-D printing. Mechanical designs were quick and easy.”

Margie: “What are your current projects, products, or prototypes?

Jim: “Enclosures for Lutzbot 3D printers”

Margie: What should an inventor avoid?

Jim: Don’t get to attached to your idea because it will blind you to the reality of the situation.

Margie: What are your current projects, products, or prototypes? 

JIm: I’m working on some enclosures, containers, and some furniture.

Margie: What have you learned in terms of marketing your product and getting it into stores? Who is your target market? 

Jim: I haven’t tried stores. Amazon is king online with eBay coming second. And it is a challenge to get people to visit your website. I am focusing on a niche market style of advertising because broader style advertising would be ineffective in targeting  potential customers.

Margie: Can you remember the first time you used a tool?

Jim: Yes. A hammer smashing things with a hammer (laughs) I guess.


Jim launched a company called TabSynth Design Works from Sector67 and has made a wide array of objects found around the shop.  He has a pending patent on his tab and slot construction system seen on the parts below.

A planter made by Jim for the Open Seed Project in 2016. See Tesla being the best model.


The enclosure for the Lulzbot 3D printer in use featured below. The enclosure  stabilizes the temperature inside the printer to improve the quality of printing.

A chest of drawers designed by Jim and cut with the laser cutter.










An observation dome made by Jim using the laser-cutter. The dome is placed in an upper door panel that serves as a place for Tesla to overlook the makerspace. Here Tesla looks at Jim as he takes a picture of her.

Jim also designed the safety glass rack where members and visitors can store their safety glasses.













His best selling product is the Lulzbot Mini enclosure which has sold hundreds primarily though his Amazon and eBay stores but can also be purchased directly from his storefront.

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