Moments from the 6th Annual “Build Madison” Event

Sector67 was proud to host the 6th Annual Build Madison event the weekend prior to Thanksgiving.  This event offers community members the opportunity to take action on a project they’ve been thinking about, working on (or procrastinating) and allows participants access to all of the equipment and collaborative expertise Sector67 has to offer.

The Teams and their Projects

There were twelve teams and over 50 individuals participating in this year’s event. Participants, young and old, started Day 1 with a short presentation on their project idea and what they hoped to accomplish in the 24-hour timeframe. Others, without a team or project, attend the event to support these teams.  These individuals share their knowledge, skills, and expertise in programming, voice recognition, welding, electrical engineering, or tinkering in general.

Introducing the Projects and their Teams:

Project/Concept Team Members
Repair an RC car

1-RC Car

RJ, Scott
Build a Christmas Tree with voice-command LED lighting Erica, Di


Jack, Davi

Replace existing delorean taillights with LED ones


Build a table base from copper pipe Kate
Make updates to the Sector67 website Bob
Build a self-homing telescope stand/gantry system Brian
Stained-glass project Laima
Create a campaign to convince their friends that Jamie and Rob should be ushers in their friend’s wedding Jamie, Rob
Create a DIY game controller


Xavier, Thiru, Robert, Tyler
Build a motorized skateboard


Assemble a high-altitude balloon tracking device Chris
Build an electric car

1-Car Intro

Mike, Danny, Nate, Alex
Modifying a cat exercise wheel to make it more FUN-ctional


Brad, Andrew

The Results

Project/Concept Results
RC car repair

complete in 3 hrs


Using a part from the car as a pattern, Scott and RJ fabricated a replacement part from a small aluminum rod and a paperclip. They used the lathe to create the replacement “dog bone” component.

Here’s a video of RJ test-driving the repaired RC car on the newly modified cat exerciser

Christmas Tree with    Voice-command LED lighting

complete in 16 hours


 The “Dancing Lights Team” (Erica, Di, La’Shawna)  laser cut 2 pieces of plywood which were then put together, painted, decorated, then laced with LED tape lights.

1-IMG_8996    1-23800838550_a3002790e3_o

The Tree tech-team, Jack and Davi, programmed, tested, programmed and tested voice recognition and control.

Here’s a video of the final creation!

Delorean LED taillights

in progress

Dennis wanted to replace the existing taillights in his Delorean with LED lights. A follow-up presentation was  given at Sector67 December meeting.



Build a table base from copper pipe.

complete in 10 hours

 Kate designed, cut, soldered and polished the copper table base

1-Table Polish

Make updates to the Sector67 website.


Bob successfully completed his mission to clean up behind-the-scenes functionality of the website.


Build a telescope stand/gantry system.

in progress

Brian gave a follow-up presentation of his project at the December meeting


Stained-glass project.


Laima completed one of the three panels and the results were stunning!

1-SG 5

Save the Ushers campaign


We checked in on Rob and Jamie’s quest in mid-January. Here’s what we found:

DIY game controller



The team completed their mission and showed off their final product.  Only they know which button does what…Or do they?


Build a motorized skateboard

in progress

Jessie had a nice protoype at his presentation and continues to work on the skate board. So far, so good!

1-Board Final 3

Build a tracking device for use when locating high-altitude balloons after they’ve landed


Here’s a cool video of a balloon launch, imagine how helpful the tracking device is in finding the balloon when it travels up to 90,000ft high and lands where it wants to!


Build an electric car.



Watch a couple of test-drive videos here:

At the event VIDEO

Two Weeks after the event in Madison’s Central Park

Thanks to Jim for Tab-synthing the battery box

Cat exercise wheel



1-Cat End 6

 Brad and Andrew made the following modifications to the wheel:

  • narrowed the base so that there was less friction, allowing the cat to exert less energy to make the wheel move. Thanks to Jim for support on this!
  • added a motion detector which would count the number of revolutions of the wheel using an integrated Arduino.
  • Added an incentive for the cat to use the wheel – an Arduino-run cat-treat-dispenser which would dispense treats after a certain number of wheel revolutions.

Please come join this fun, community event in 2016! Bring your ideas and let’s build, Madison! And if you’ve made it to the end of this post, here’s a little reward for you!


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