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In the last year Tekton went on a mission to talk to and visit with several makerspaces. After all these conversations something became clear : They like makers. They like the inner drive inside every maker to continually design, prototype, make, tinker,refine, and make some more.

This led to Tekton wanting to play a role in the expansion of the maker movement. Through this desire they developed the Makekit, by taking their tools (which themselves have gone through a maker-like process of designing, prototyping,tinkering, and refining) and creating bundles suited to the needs of the makerspace. These bundles allow makerspaces to procure a vast arsenal of essential tools without breaking the bank.

To take their involvement in the Maker Movement to the next level Tekton they held a contest open to makerspaces nationwide, selecting 15 winners: 5 receiving the Makekit collection, and 10 others receiving the General Makekit.

Sector67 is proud to announce that we were selected to be one of the 5 recipients of the Makekit collection.


The Makekit collection from Tekton

Sector67 plans to utilize this generous prize at events that take us away from our shop. Events such as the Wisconsin Science Festival, the maker fairs we participate in, as well as the after school clubs we work with that we provide tools for. These tools will allow us to ensure that everybody can fully participate at these events, and enhance the learning experience that the makers of tomorrow can experience!


At the Wisconsin Science Festival


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