Sector67 “Robotics and Makers Playground” exhibit at Madison Science Museum

There’s a new museum in town and Sector67 is proud to be an exhibitor.

Madison Science Museum opened their doors to the public on October 22.

The Robotics and Makers Playground, built and sponsored by Sector67, is a room filled with activity and inspiration. The room offers visitors many hands-on opportunities to explore robotics, engineering, generating energy, and electronics.


“this has been a really popular room.  Once kids go in, they never come out”              


A few of the exhibit features are:

  • The Periodic Table of Motion –  Put simple machines, gears, drives, and levers into motion. This display, which currently features 16 moving elements, will expand as Sector67 makers design and build them.  
  • Pedal for Power – Explore energy generation by using your own pedal-power to light up a variety of lightbulbs. How many lights can you illuminate? Do some take more power to light up than others?
  • Experiment with Circuits – A table filled with Snap Circuits® makes learning and understanding electronics fun, safe, and easy!
  • Robotics – Drive a robot around a map of Madison. An overhead vision system allows a computer to track the robot as you drive it. Can you drive the robot up and down the isthmus without falling into either lake?

Kudos to the Sector67 community members Bob, Sean, Shira, Jim, Chris, Kate, Nate and Scott who put in countless hours to bring this exhibit to life.  As you know, we couldn’t have made this happen without your collaboration and contributions!

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the Sector67 exhibit, but you’ll want to go see it for yourself.


Of course, there are many other things to see at the Madison Science Museum so check it out soon – and often.  The museum will be adding new displays regularly.  The Museum has a Facebook page too – check them out!

Madison Science Museum is located at 211 N. Carroll St., on the 6th floor of the Madison College building in downtown Madison.


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