February Monthly Meeting

The Sector67 monthly meeting was held February 3rd




1. Bob presented an edge lit display that lights up when he receives a notification from Reddit.

Bob presenting

Bob presenting

Built on the Spark Core, it connects over WiFi every minute and checks the Reddit API for new messages, then the LEDs “breathe” when he receives a notification


Final product lit up

Final product lit up

2. Next Xavier gave a presentation on a prototype for a digital table top gaming system


Xavier giving his presentation

Using a mounted camera, projector and OpenCV, a checkerboard pattern is projected and then calibrated through the camera to create a playing surface where blank shapes are placed and once recognized an image is projected to the shape


3. Jim created a prototype for a cord reel designed to unravel as you pull and uses no slip rings which degrades signals and cause wear issues


Jim demonstrating the reel

The handle is selective laser sintered “SLS” stainless steel


Jim’s Prototype


4. Doug, an Army veteran, embroidered a replacement of a patch he had lost while serving in Afghanistan


Doug showing the machine embroidering a patch


Test run of the design


5.Marty and Robin, a brother and sister team called Lumen Electronic Jewelry, showed off some electronics-inspired blinking jewelry.

Robin and Marty presenting their electronic jewelry

Robin and Marty presenting their electronic jewelry

6. Brian explained his plan for using RaspberryPi and Screenly displays at the Iron pour to provide visual information for attendees. Chris described the process for casting iron, as well as providing information about the Iron Pour


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