WiscoWood and its first Kickstarter Campaign

Over a year in the making with a lot of blood, sweat, and laughs with my Sector67 peers and this is what you get:

WiscoWood Minimalist Cycling Wallets


We can’t even begin to thank the list of people at Sector67 who have helped make this project possible. Thank you Sector67 and all of you who have helped us along the way. 

We’re delivering by December 15th! These make a perfect present.


Matthew Poster is a seasoned bicycle industry Mechanic, Designer and Engineer. He has developed and produced products for Planet Bike, Trek, Bontrager, Klein, Fisher, Lemond, Cane Creek, and many others. He's also had his hand in bringing bike share across the nation as being the product manager for the Bcycle bike sharing program. His specialties include metal and wood fabrication, injection molding, and 3D solid modeling.

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