Jesse’s Electric Bike (And more!)

Just took a ride on Jesse’s electric bike—it was kick-ass. Built out of a Walmart bike-frame, 18 Ah lead-acid batteries, and a hub motor, the bike can go up to 30 mph with a range of 20 miles. AND, “Because the bike has pedals, it’s completely road legal,” says Jesse.

Lowrider Electric Bike

Lowrider Electric Bike

The bike has regen braking to charge the battery as you brake, similar to a hybrid car. Jesse also plans to add a solar panel to extend the battery’s range even more.

Antique Bike

Antique Pedal Car, another of Jesse’s projects

Jesse is a long-term Sector67 member and has countless projects visible at Sector67 (too many to show pictures of, but that’s why you have to go on a tour), including a 3D printed humanoid, and lots of projects with wheels, pedals, and motors.

Jesse's 3D printed Humanoid

Jesse’s 3D printed Humanoid

Jesse also maintains a Youtube channel:

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