DigiTally Kickstarter Live – Support It Today!

Dear World –

Bob would like nothing more than to provide you with an awesome product that he’s been working over 2 years to create.  Buy one.

DigiTally Scoreboard Transparent

So what is this thing you just bought?  It’s the giant countdown timer we use at every meeting to keep people ontime.* Could also be used to keep track of sports scores, website hits, “Now Serving” numbers, a giant really really bright clock for your house, buy 2 and use the API for a scrolling sign that’s legible from the space station.

*police lights and siren system optional add-on feature, please contact Bob for more information and a quote.

Grant and Alex EV Motorcycles

The sky is the limit, and Bob is your chariot, so help him help you.  You’ll be the coolest person in your office counting the coffee-cups-consumed-today tally on the wall: you can make it blink continuously!

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