September in Updates

Many at the monthly meeting, Larry is giving a brief talk about his automated chicken coop door (now of Hackaday fame):

Madison’s Steam Century
used Sector67 to create the murder mystery props for Geek.Kon:

Sometimes Makerbot repair requires two hands and a couple Coronas to get anywhere. . .

At Sector67 we take safety very seriously. In the event of pencil lead breakage, all bystanders need to be wearing proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

The kitchen sees its first use for a real meal (Thanks to Restore for good prices on all the pieces and Isthmus Engineering for contributing our stove!):

More Makerbot repair, this time a first generation Makerbot has finally let the ghost out of the power supply after over a year of solid operation (Less Coronas, more hands, also a valid strategy):

The bus is underway towards a new paint job. Some body work and primer is getting it closer to rocking a new style:

UW’s FH King student gardens use Sector67 to construct a solar dehydrator to extend their vegetable distribution season:

What’s that being worked on, it’s hard to tell from this angle. . .

Could it be an old school dual scope night vision system?

Can’t imagine flying an Apache with these things on, but this modern monocular sure looks pretty in comparison:

The helmet mount helps, yes, you can see in pure blackness as I’m sure the neighbors were wondering wth we were doing running around behind the building . . .

Lastly, Leon is putting the finishing touches on an entirely homebuilt ultrasonic soldering system. Not only is it a fluxless process, but it’s able to solder directly onto glass (look closely at the lightbulb)

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to drive a high power ultrasonic transducer, it’s not much:

Lastly, the first RepRap Prusa clone rolls off the Makerbot assembly line. All dressed up in shiny white plastic:

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