August in Updates! (finally)

Alright, so we’ve hit October, and I still haven’t posted updates from August! Here goes nothing. . .

The casting resin finally sees the light of day, this time being tested with water to create foam. The foam was then poured into a set of nested cardboard boxes to create the world’s cheapest solar oven after the inside was painted black and a sheet of acrylic was added to the top:

We attended BarCamp Madison and created an entire track (right side) of fun activities for the day, everything from Arduinos, learning to solder, and 3D printing was covered!

Holy Crap! Where did that giant bus come from out in front of Sector67? It’s a restoration project and soon to be national tour from 7cees, who will be touring as a mobile art collective and looking to do collaborations in cities around the country.

Yes, the VW lights are fully functional:

And the first project on the agenda, bathtime!

Bob brought in a malfunctioning vertical axis wind turbine generator to investigate. Aside from a resemblance to the Titanic, I’d say this motor is healthy 😉

We were invited to Janesville, WI to check out an old Purac food additives plant and look for shiny metal things that looked expensive. We had a ton of fun running around the plant and trying to figure out what everything was/how the plant operated when in production.

And finally, for a look back in time we have an update on the very first creation built at Sector67:

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