June Updates

Lots going on through June!

Trying to figure out what we should do with an empty power wheels jeep body. . .

A short time later things were getting closer:
Of course part of ordering the universe requires some disorder, in this case some stock got a little sideways in the new chop saw 😉  Yet another reason to always wear adequate safety equipment!

Now we’re talking, there’s batteries in there:
Which necessitates a big charger, she’ll do 0-50V 0-40A on demand:

Blower fan on the roof went nuclear.  Turns out to be a capacitive RUN motor, rather than a capacitive START.  Meaning when we hooked up the electronic drive it was continually fighting with the capacitor, the drive won:Student was working on a crazy architectural design, incorporating water movement and a few math formulas to create really intriguing structures:First produce from the garden (not the pizza. . .):Greg enjoying his freshly sewn canvas tent, which is now featured at every Hilldale Farmer’s Market selling great bagels: Flatt takes one for the team, it was suppose to be a bushing between the top of the tent canvas and the pointy aluminum pole:Canvas blocks sun nicely, but does warm up inside surprisingly quickly:

First test of CamBam to CNC mill for a series of state outlines:This one was hand cut back in the 1940’s before the advent of computer controlled technology prior to the availability of the CNC for the project:

A little hot glue injection molding testing following a comment on Make Magazine’s site that it was a great way to test molds – it sure is!

Engraving a few heated build platform sections for the RepRap:

And using the lathe to put a tiny hole in the end of the extruder:

Quite a few great creations coming out of the welding area from Midwest Recycled Art:

Of course what’s a month without a little Arduino’ing:

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