Changes to the Website

You may have noticed some slight changes in the website – some under-the-hood modifications were put in place last week, and now things will start looking a bit different too.  Blog posts now show up on the main page, and you’ll notice a ‘login’ link in the upper right, as well as as Classes page in the menu.  We’re still working some bugs out of the class system, but we plan on expanding this more and more to make class registration and tracking certifications for using the tools better and better.  For right now, we’ll just be putting some events up on the new system and see if it survives the public beta 🙂

There’s an example class up right now – How to Herd Cats.  Try logging in using the login link at the upper right – use your forum account info to get in.  Once you’re logged in, you should be able to register for the class, and if anything breaks, you can let me know by sending an email to brian [at]!

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Upcoming Events

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