IDG500 Gyro Breakout Board


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Product Description

WARNING: these boards were purchased from Sparkfun as “dings and dents”, the IDG500 probably works fine but the onboard power regulator doesn’t work correctly so they *will need work* and debugging – they aren’t in working condition as sold which is why they’re priced the way they are!


This is the breakout board for the IDG500, which includes an on-board 2.8V regulator and all pins broken out to 0.1″ pin holes. The IDG-500 is a very small, dual-axis angular rate sensor (gyroscope). It uses InvenSense’s proprietary and patented MEMS technology with vertically driven, vibrating masses to make a functionally complete, low-cost, dual-axis angular rate sensor. All required electronics are integrated onto a single chip with the sensor. More information at Sparkfun.com. Please note this item is discontinued.

Additional note: the boards in stock are red, not green.

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