Sure Electronics 10W
Sure Electronics 10W

10 Watt Class AB Mono Power Amplifier Soldering Kit


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Product Description

This kit was ordered for a project but never used, more information below. Requires assembly, this is a soldering kit, not an assembled product.

Brief Introduction:

This kit is a low frequency Class-AB audio power amplifier kit using a TDA2030 power amplifier IC. Comes with this kit is a monophonic audio amplifier, Printed Circuit Board, capacitors and resistors.
This kit is capable of delivering 10W power and features high output current, low distortion, short circuit protection and thermal shutdown. This kit can be powered by a wide range of 4.5V to 25V. Moreover, all components are through-hole and can be easily to be soldered to the PCB.
Net weigt:65g /2.3 oz

Kit includes:

PCB (Size: 61.20(L) × 45.80(W) × 1.6(H) ±0.2mm) ×1
TDA2030 IC ×1
22K (red red black red) ×4
680R (blue grey black) ×1
4.7R (brown black gold) ×1
4.7K (brown black gold) ×1
470uF 35V electrolytic ×3
22uF 35V electrolytic ×3
1uF monolithic ×4
Green LED ×1
Heat sink ×1
Screw ×3
Nut ×1

Couple of downloads and instructions here.

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