5.0 A H-Bridge with Load Current Feedback


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Product Description

5.0 A H-Bridge with Load Current Feedback

The 33887 is a monolithic H-Bridge Power IC with a load current
feedback feature making it ideal for closed-loop DC motor control.
The IC incorporates internal control logic, charge pump, gate drive,
and low R MOSFET output circuitry. The 33887 is able to DS(ON)
control inductive loads with continuous DC load current to 5.0 A,
and with peak current active limiting between 5.2 A and 7.8 A. Output
loads can be pulse width modulated (PWM-ed) at frequencies up to
10 kHz. The load current feedback feature provides a proportional (1/
375th of the load current) constant-current output suitable for
monitoring by a microcontroller’s A/D input. This feature facilitates
the design of closed-loop torque/speed control as well as open load

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