33289 Dual High-Side Switch for Inductive Loads


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Product Description

33289 Dual High-Side Switch for Inductive Loads  (30 mΩ)

This EVALUATION KIT features the MC33289DW Dual High Side Switch, which is designed to drive typical inductive loads such as solenoid valves. This device consists of two independent 40mOhm Rdson MOSFET channels plus corresponding control circuitry.

The MC33289DW can be interfaced directly to a microcontroller for input control and monitoring of diagnostic output. Each switch offers independent protection and diagnosis during overcurrent, overvoltage, and undervoltage conditions, as well as an overtemperature shutdown feature. A logic low on the Open Load Detect Enable pin (OLDE) minimizes bias current drain by disabling the open load circuitry current source. The device also has a very low quiescent current in standby mode.

This kit is supplied for preliminary evaluation purposes. This evaluation kit was populated with a production (MC33289DW) device and datasheet. Current revision of the data sheet available on Web.

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