Support Sector67’s Final Construction Push!

TL:DNR – please consider donating to Sector67 this year, we’ve found two matching donors for up to $20,000 in donations so $1 from you turns into $3.75 donated.


UPDATE: We made it! I just tallied everything up and with some last minute donations today we reached $31,410.62 in total. This has been doubled 2x to $91,410.62 and then around $80,000 in expenses will be matched at 25% by the WEDC grant, to be reimbursed at some point next year (+$20,000 returned).

THANKS EVERYONE for your support! Now we have to build/install/finish the construction 🙂


As you might have noticed from the giant WEDC / City of Madison sign in front of the building we received a matching grant in ~2017 to help with construction costs. Basically the state reimburses 25% of any cost to permanently improve the building (doors/windows/walls, not tables/chairs/etc). We’ve managed to extend this grant several times so we can try to take advantage of the $250,000 in matching money allocated, however we’ve run out our leash as far as WEDC will allow and our matching grant expires at the end of the year. Over the past 5 years we’ve carefully documented and turned in over 629 receipts for $177,250 in matching funds.

We’re looking to raise funds to maximize our use of the WEDC grant and support some critical construction projects as we wrap up 2022. The good news is in hunting around for some larger donors to support remaining construction expenses we’ve found two matching / challenge grant donors who are willing to match 2:1 any money raised from Oct 1st through December 31st, 2022 up to $20,000, the bad news is we need to find the other $20,000 to match! In addition to this match, the WEDC money will reimburse at 25% so every $1 you donate turns into $3.75 to help us wrap up expenses in adding the elevator ($33k), HVAC system ($25k) and fire alarm ($9k) into our expenses this year.

How can you help? Make a donation of cash/check/crypto/Paypal/stocks between now and the end of the year and we’ll do the rest – the easiest way is through Paypal there’s no fee/costs and 100% of donations are passed along directly, they also provide a donation receipt.

Your company may provide donation matching which is often as simple as submitting that you’ve donated. If you search “*company name* donation matching” you can also find programs that might be buried otherwise.

The goal is to pay the balance on the elevator, 2nd floor HVAC, and the fire alarm this year and continue to work to install these systems (and another staircase) so we can obtain occupancy (use) of the 2nd floor and move the offices upstairs. I look forward to being done playing general contractor and getting back to teaching classes/events/etc!



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