Build Madison 2019 Summary

2019’s Build Madison kicked off on a bright and warm November day with a wide variety of projects:

  • Scott – Moved forward on the open toaster project – the goal being to create a maintainable open-source appliance that never becomes obsolete, starting with the toaster.
  • Brian – Built a cocktail table MAME (classic arcade) cabinet using the wood shop and laser cutter to create a TV stand as well as button interface.

  • Kate – Rendered a protein structure in Blender and worked to learn how to animate it.
  • Jim and Nick – Continued efforts on an enclosed bicycle transmission that keeps the geartrain out of the weather and debris.

    (and the velomobile needed a light and horn adjustment)
  • Brian – Refit an old Phoenix GSM enclosed CNC wood router with LinuxCNC.

  • Chris – Used the laser cutter to build a papercraft polar bear with paper-backed wood veneer.

  • Laima – Created a steel kinetic yard art sculpture using bicycle parts and stained glass (future work!).

  • Adam – Made ash trim for the face of a sink base cabinet using the CNC router and a v-bit.

  • Jeremy – Baked 3 loaves of Jeremy’s Special Sour Dough [JSSD ™] bread and a “fruit cake so nice that you’d want to receive it as a gift”

  • Max – Tested his glass lampworking skills by building a plant inspired glass piece with realistic leaves and branching structure from borosilicate glass rod.

  • John – assisted a few people with design and engineering advice

  • Jack and Davi – Modified a Korg Monotron Synthesizer to run from an Arduino to enable digital and preprogrammed effects.

  • Chris – Wrote a summary blog 🙂 and finished construction on the exterior exhaust and ductwork (thanks Nate!) for the welding shop air filtration system.

Participants enjoyed a late breakfast of pie and snacks, brats and hamburgers for lunch, pizza for dinner, and handmade pancakes for breakfast. Hope you can join us next year for 2020!

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