Sector67’s NSA Away Project

A team of Sector67 members (Bob, Chris, Kate, Liam, Nate, Peter and Scott) recently passed a milestone in submitting their NSA Away project to the semifinals of The Hackaday Prize, which offers a chance to win $200,000 (all proceeds donated to Sector67) or send Chris to space!  (Hahaha, if only it were that easy to get rid of me).  The project consists of a hardware key generator and one-time-pad-based encryption/decryption device designed to allow you to send short messages securely and was selected from a field of around 800 entries as one of 50 semifinalists.

You might recognize the garage doors and some of the scenery in the video below, which explains the project:

NSA Away was conceived and developed collaboratively at Sector, with (roughly) weekly code jams and video filming sessions.  Let’s hope it has the right stuff to make it to the finals!  You can help by voting us up on the project page.

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