Madison SOUP This Sunday!

imageMadison SOUP is coming up this Sunday – this event is an opportunity to support projects that will benefit the Madison community. Sign up and stop in at 4PM to enjoy soup, salad, and bread as well as your vote on which project should receive the proceeds from the meal.


We will have 3 Projects Presenting:

1. Madison Community Discourse-An organization that will connect community through experiences and art. Through hands-on art workshops, events, youth development, and an annual interactive art exhibition, we challenge both artists and audiences to new levels of discourse, creative pursuit, reflection, and connection. Programming will include children’s art workshops, family story times, storytelling, spoken word, film, screen printing, photography, and an annual multi-media art exhibition.

2. Atwood Tool Library-Working to help the community through: 1. Reducing unnecessary consumption of tools and equipment, thus reducing our carbon footprint. 2. Consumers often buy a tool only to use it once or twice before possibly storing it in their basement or garage. 3. Educating community members in proper use and maintenance of tools, thereby enhancing community self-reliance and resilience. 4. Fostering an increased sense of community and mutual support. 5. Encouraging community members to repair items they might otherwise throw in the trash, and to make products for themselves locally instead of purchasing items made far away. 6. Laying a foundation for a sharing economy.

3. Brentwood’s Gardens for Empowerment (G4E) Community Gardens-Throughout the summer neighborhood youth learn valuable skills around job readiness, teamwork, environmental sciences, nutrition education and community service. Fresh produce from the gardens is distributed to the youth and other residents living in the rental properties in Brentwood. We plan to offer individual garden plots to residents living in rental units giving them the opportunity to garden with the support of G4E partners. In addition, we hope to engage community members more fully during the season ahead as we look to expand and institutionalize the garden into the community further. It is hoped that community members will be engaged more fully this year.

As well as the three projects that are pitching, we will be hearing from March’s Madison SOUP winner, Brandon Lang, about progress on Lang Family House of Terror.

1. Sweet Potato Cauliflower (Vegetarian)
2. Thai Butternut Squash, Sweet Potato (Vegan)
-Green Lettuce Salad with vegetables and dressing
-French Bread
-Lemonade, Water or BYOBeverage

Cost of the meal is $10

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