WISE Banner Complete!


Whew! That was a test in perseverance.
Here it is:

  • Finished dimensions: 9 feet 7inches x 30 inches
  • Approximate time to complete: 15 hours of machine knitting (not including design and setup)
  • Total weight of yarn used: 2 lbs 8.5 oz
  • 600 stitches per row (200 front and 400 back) x 810 rows x 2 carriage passes per row (one for each of 2 colors) =
  • 1620 carriage passes and
  • 486,000 stitches (162,000 make up the design on the front, 324,000 in the striped backing)
  • Original logo designed by Jon Tingley.
  • Custom software, img2track, developed by Davi Post for transferring design to Brother KH-930 electronic knitting machine.

A Brother KH-930 electronic knitting machine was used to machine knit the image, setting it up to get started is as much of a feat as completing the banner, here’s a shot of it at the beginning:
The image was processed using software developed by another Sector67 member Davi Post, starting from a full color image:
which is then dithered into black and white and processed into appropriate stitches to keep the aspect ratio consistent:

WISE is the Women In Science and Engineering residential learning community at UW – Madison who now have a beautiful banner to represent their organization at future events! http://www.housing.wisc.edu/wise

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