June’s Monthly Meeting

The Sector67 monthly meeting was on Tuesday, June 4th.




1. Tom, a professor at MATC, brought with him a drone built by he and his students in a collaborative effort.


Tom’s drone.

Tom's drone.

Tom’s drone.


The hardware and software of the drone is entirely open source. It has 8 propellors, can carry about 40 oz., weighs roughly four lbs. and can fly for 8-10 minutes.


2. Larry gave a presentation about two Maker Spaces he visited while in Manchester, England.


Larry giving his presentation.

The first one he visited was called MadLab, and the other, Hackspace Manchester (HacMan).


3. Eric, a radio control (RC) car enthusiast who is a member of the Madison Area Radio Control Car Association (MARCCA), designed front brakes for one of his cars.


Eric explaining the RC car’s brake system.

RC cars of the size he used traditionally employ back brakes-only, and a combination of back and front brakes make the car stop about a foot and a half shorter than back or front brakes only.

Eric designed and created the brakes using one of the 3D printers here.


4. Kemper, inspired by research published in an academic article from the Royal Society journal and subsequent media attention, created a motion-sensitive visual display.


Kemper’s motion-sensitive visuals.

He used a Processing script in tandem with a Kinect device to make it work.

An online version substituting a computer mouse with physical movement can be found here: http://distantshape.com/experiments/squid/


5. Caroline, a UW-Madison cartography student specializing in bathymetric (the topographic study of lake and ocean floors) features, designed and created a book that is a scale 3D model of Crater Lake in Oregon.


Bathymetric representation of Crater Lake.

Bathymetric representation of Crater Lake.

Bathymetric representation of Crater Lake.

Caroline made her book by hand with an exacto-knife, but plans on using a Sector67 laser cutter for the rest of her copies. One page made by the laser cutter took about 20 seconds.


6. Marty and Robin, a brother and sister team, showed off some electronics-inspired blinking jewelry.

Marty and Robin's jewelry.

Marty and Robin’s jewelry.

The blinking lights are solar powered.


7. Bob showed off his handmade scoreboards, called Portable Scores.


A Portable Score.

The casing of the scoreboard, made of ABS (the same material used in Legos), was cut using the laser cutter. The buttons are 3D printed and made of silicon. There are 125 LED lights on each Portable Score.


8. Alex presented an old JCPenny model moped he discovered in a barn. He completely restored the bike, paint job and all.

Alex's moped.

Alex’s moped.

The moped has a 49cc 2-stroke engine , and can get up to 35 mph.


9. Brian created a fully functioning 3D printer from scratch. No pre-made kit was involved, and many of parts themselves were made in a 3D printer.


Ryan’s 3D printer.

The design blueprints will be posted on thingiverse.com.


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2 comments on “June’s Monthly Meeting
  1. Tanya says:

    Awesome job, Sam. I’ve long wished that someone was documenting the Tuesday meetings – so much of interest.

  2. mark ptak says:

    Leave it to me to miss such an incredible meeting. Great photos!

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