Thermal Camera and Firewood Rack

Thermal Camera

This is a thermal camera project that was designed from and

Thermal cameras normally cost $5,000 or more. They use an array of sensors to make an image. This thermal camera costs a lot less by using one sensor and sweeping it over an area using servo motors. The data is then aggregated by a computer to make the image. The first image produced by this thermal camera is measuring the temperature difference of a soldering iron. The pictures are not aligned in the image because the camera is not yet calibrated.

Firewood Rack

This is a firewood rack that was inspired by AK47 studio. It is a Christmas present for my brother.

It uses a minimal amount of material and utilizes space efficiently to store firewood. It is a dynamic sculpture. As the round rods bend and flex under the load of the stored wood, it gives a sense of continual change. The round rods are gently splayed giving a sense of ever expanding possibilities.

Luckily, he liked how it turned out. Here it is in its final resting place at my brother’s house.

Thanks to all the members of Sector67 whose assistance made these projects possible.

Chris Petit is a member of Sector67 and the owner of the local design firm Regenerative Design, LLC. Website is

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