Wausau Daily Herald Covers Local Hackerspace

The Wausau Daily Herald mentions Sector67 as an inspiration for the starting Wausau Collaboration Center.

“Bourke’s inspiration came from a makerspace in Madison, called Sector67. The brainchild of engineer Chris Meyer, Sector67 offers Madison-area residents and students a place to come together and collaborate on anything from new products to businesses.

“It was one of those places where everyone was friendly and there were a lot of cool, interesting things in there,” Tom Bourke said of his visit this summer to Sector67.

As soon as he saw Sector67, he said he believed he could launch something similar in Wausau.”

Read the full article here.

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One comment on “Wausau Daily Herald Covers Local Hackerspace
  1. Tom Bourke says:

    Thank you for the inspiration.


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