Power Wheels Racing Champions

Sector67 returned victorious from the Detroit Maker Faire following a strong performance at the Kansas City Maker Faire in the Pow Pow Power Racing Series.

We’d like to thank our sponsors for providing us with the tools, equipment, and cash to put the vehicle together and more importantly the funding to get to the Kansas City and Detroit Maker Faire:

Expedition Arts
Technical Service
Erickson Research League
EV Powers
Isthmus Engineering
Dream Bikes
Renascence Manufacturing
Binary Sprocket
Kerman RepRap
The Todd
Flatt Cola

The initial fabrication of the vehicle was done in a three day period, beginning with raw materials from Renascence (aluminum prototype art easels) and Isthmus (aluminum plate for motor mounts) combined with a 36V 150A motor controller and 2.5 HP in electric PM motors from Technical Service.  Because we received the power wheels vehicle as a bare body, we proceeded to fabricate a frame and vehicle as close to the ground and as large as possible (Power Wheels Hummer H2 size) – this proved to be a significant advantage in handling over the competition:

Despite the aluminum frame and low to the ground fabrication, the vehicle proved to be extremely robust – surviving a 250+ pound impact during the final race:


And a nice brake check from the Milwaukee crew (watch the left brake lever on the yellow car):

And a ninja like attack from Pumping Station One (apparently common practice in rush hour?):

Of course the running LeMann’s style start to the endurance shoot-out is well worth catching at 600fps:

The PPPRS car wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication of a few Sector67 members:

[Photo Credit: Dan Silvers]

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