Next Up: Power Racing Series

Summer is just around the bend, and the motorheads among us know what that means: Its racing season!! Can you smell the warm rubber? Feel the heat of the motor warming your innards? YES, indeed! Dig into the closet for your coveralls, get the pit crew up to speed and spark your plugs because S67 is embarking on our next hacker challenge: The Power Racing Series!!

This event entails getting a stock Power Wheels, and “un-stocking” it as we see fit. There are some rules such as maximum size, power, etc, but we won’t get into that here. Just know we are taking a kid’s toy and tweaking it hacker-style to compete against others…and we intend to dominate.

The individual events we will be competing in are a road race, a drag race, and a mystery event (last year, it was a soccer game—this year there is talk of a nerf battle). The winner will be the team that collects the most points through all events. You also get Moxie points for style, which we will NOT neglect. The 2 locations for the Series are Kansas City at the end of June and Detroit at the end of July. We are revving for both events.

The first meeting took place last evening, and it was a success. We have a solid plan of attack, and as you can see here, we already have a Power Wheels body that was scavenged by some quick-thinking members last weekend. It is a Wrangler with “Tristan” on the plates, hence the project code name: “Tristan”.

Stay tuned for more racing fury and the rebirth of Tristan!

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One comment on “Next Up: Power Racing Series
  1. Glen Murie says:

    I wonder if making one into a hovercraft would be possible?

    Also, John Kovalic is at the Maker Faire in San Fran this weekend. If he’s into the make movement I wonder if you can get him to do some art for you? Make it into a Muskrat-mobile!


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