May in Closing. . .

New electrical service, finally at 200A 240VAC instead of 100A (yes, that would be a 80’s residential connection on a commercial building):

Tim’s been rocking the art metal, if you’re interested we’ve usually got creations for sale at the shop!

PPPRS Car is underway, picked up some crappy batteries that we’re attempting to bring back from the dead (anybody want to sponsor some deep-cycle lead acids?):

Went to an undisclosed location in Wisconsin that happens to be the world repository for 36V electric motors, coming away with a trunk load of motors and a couple of controllers that will be perfect for the car – wheelie capable motor (check):

RepRap / Makerbot plastic finally getting organized, still requires a lot of manual spooling/respooling/poking:

More electric helicopters showing up, I think we’re up to at least 6:

Rain barrel collection is growing, need to get them outside and under the single warehouse downspout:

Standing desk in the incubator:

Lots of machining on a joint project to assemble some dive lights [damn machinists and their compulsive organization o:-) ]:

Of course we needed a depth testing system, so a whole-house water filter with a clear housing was put into action with the air compressor. Device under test is a cheap key/wallet holder from an amusement park, easily staying watertight to 140+feet):

Unfortunately the cool looking machined aluminum housing didn’t fair so well:

T-shirts were ordered and printed by The Jabberwocky Superfly Group and came out looking great:

Couple of new toys this month, picked up a 20 ton press on sale from HFT:

Of course we needed to test things out, it’s very capable of destroying Dell mini-ATX computers (this one being beyond salvage already):

Our dead router needed a little extra punishment, yes, that would be an early 90’s Allied Telesyn 10/100 switch:

And a new lathe/mill from Craigslist (Thanks Jim!), which looks like a monster next to the South Bend:

The inaugural chip was thrown seconds after the power was hooked up, it cuts very nicely:

Lastly, cutting a few last minute parts for a low-cost prosthetic hand being designed by a UW student prior to leaving town for the summer!

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One comment on “May in Closing. . .
  1. James Carlson says:

    I love to see all the progress, and I am inspired to post something like this for Bucketworks each month– and encourage Space Federation members to do this in their spaces. Heck, all spaces. It is a great “in closing” summary!


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