GHC Update: Project Underway

This is another project from a Sector67 member. The device is used to record data collected when testing landfill linings. Our interest in the device is the spreadsheet program written for a microcontroller (can kinda see it on the LCD here). We are planning on installing the software on our weather station.

The basic weather station thus far. Prototype with temperture, humidity, light, and barometer sensors. Tested it out in the fridge.

Sourced humidity and barometric sensors.

Data output…not calibrated YET, but signs of life.

Self-made tippy bucket – parts: flashing tin, two bits of heat shrink tubing, stiff wire.

Tippy bucket constructed.

Tippy bucket installed.

Low tech rain gauge!

Low tech humidity sensor: dime, cardboard, nails, glue, board, human hair.

Progress is definitely being made, still got lots of work to! Next GHC meeting is Wednesday at 7:30pm. Also, big thanks to Revolution Cycles for donating some bike hubs to the project! Look for those to appear in an low-tech anemometer.

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