End of February Update

February cruised on by with a number of cool happenings around Sector67! We now have a 10 seat computer lab set up to teach our first Solidworks course and an Arduino 102 DC Control class.

Of course we’ve been repairing LCD monitors like mad to get the lab up and running – oddly enough this was the result of the 120V hot contacting the back of the case resulting in the solder vaporizing until connection was broken, behind the fuse. Very easy to fix, oddly enough absolutely nothing wrong but a pad to resolder together and back in service!

A number of cool projects coming together:

A rolling casting preparation workspace is being constructed to make setting up sand casts much easier:

CMKT4 drove up to teach a circuit bending course. After a little electrical theory:

Participants dug in:

And left a few mementos:

Second ever game night (4th Saturday every month):

A simple but highly effective laser scanner was assembled from a simple webcamera coupled with a photo laser level:

A roundabout dog was built and deployed (and subsequently disappeared):

The Great Internet Migratory Box of Electronic Junk migrated its way to Sector67. We’ll be swapping out parts and sending it on its way shortly – anybody outside of WI interested in receiving it?

Lastly, Joe brought in his high speed camera to see if we could capture anything interesting at 1200fps (conventional is 30fps):

After the halogen worklight wasn’t bright enough, a stage light was sourced (complete with a 3 meter spontaneous combustion warning label) and aimed at the makerbot:

To keep from melting the Makerbot they had to give it an occasional rest while it cranked out great looking parts:

Preliminary video:

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