Field Trip to Isthmus Engineering Cooperative

We had the opportunity to take a quick tour of Isthmus Engineering, an engineering cooperative in Madison, WI.  That’s right, engineering co-op like Willy’s St Co-op, with the majority of employees as owners and voting members in the business.  They’ve been in business since 1980 having moved 3 times to successively larger buildings to encompass ever growing projects.

Their facility is amazing, unfortunately, I’m not able to share any pictures of what they’re assembling, but let me put it into perspective by saying that there are many houses in Madison smaller than the manufacturing equipment they’re building and sending out.  They’re creating manufacturing lines to fabricate products like toothbrushes, filters, flywheels, etc:

Lots of robots, arms, pneumatics, hydraulics, controls, actuators, relays, and wires flying around the facility!

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One comment on “Field Trip to Isthmus Engineering Cooperative
  1. Dave says:

    Hope all the scrap proves useful. Post pictures of what people make with it!


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