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August Monthly Meeting

We had a good turn out for the August monthly meeting. Here’s a very brief recap. Isaac talked about the High Altitude Balloon Project for more information on that check out the Apollo67 blog

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Field Trip to Thresheree

Over this holiday weekend we headed over to Edgerton to check out Thresheree.

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Power Racing Series Champions!

We’ve returned from Chicago victorious! At Chicago we won the drag race and the speed race however we didn’t make it through the endurance race but came up series champions! Congrats to everyone who took part in this years Power

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Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic Expanding

As the Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic (L&E Clinic) approaches its three-year anniversary, it has come a long way from our humble beginnings. Only three years ago it had no students, no clients, no office, no standardized practice, and only the

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Maker Faire Detroit

We’re back from Maker Faire Detroit. We got people out there, had fun and no one died, which makes it a successful weekend. We came in second at Detroit but we are still first overall in the standing. The final

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Ultimaker Construction

One of our latest projects here is building our own Ultimaker 3D Printer (Sectormaker if you will). We currently have Makerbot Cupcakes that are about 2 years old and we are updating them by building our own Ultimaker. Its about

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WiLS Prezi

Sector67 was invited to speak at the WiLSWorld Conference along with Madison Public Library about makerspaces in libraries. Check out the prezi

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Gearing Up for Maker Faire Detroit

This weekend is Maker Faire Detroit and we’re busy getting ready to hopefully bring home another victory in the Power Racing Series. Check out their website for more information.  

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Sign up for Forward Technology Festival 2012!

This years Forward Technology Festival will be held August 16-25. There are a lot of exciting events this year, and they are all listed on our calendar. We are hosting Madison’s first technology meta meetup on August 17th. There are

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Sector67 Success Stories: Snowshoe Stamps

Loyalty cards are great, they are a great way to earn free stuff, until you lose them or leave them at home. Snowshoe Stamp is helping solve that problem. Snowshoe stamp is a simple and inexpensive way to authenticate transactions

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Thanks to our sponsors for a great time at 3D Printing Camp WI

This years 3D Printing Camp WI was an awesome event and we would like to thank our sponsors for making it all happen: DHMN UIUC Ben Heck Milwaukee Makerspace Digital Craft Research Lab Google C.ideas Midwest Prototyping John Baichtal Shapeways

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Weekly Update

Sector67 members have been busy over the past week. Here’s a quick update of what’s been going on: Tim has been working on some new art, above is a narwhal he’s made. Jeremy visiting us from PumpingStation: One in Chicago

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