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Membership at Sector67.

  • Co-working is the most basic, and allows you to hang out at the space and use the wi-fi. It doesn’t include a key for regular access, so you are at the mercy of regular hours and whenever other members are around. It also doesn’t include access to use tools.
  • Regular membership includes regular access with a key, the use of tools (some tools require skills checks from staff to ensure you use the tool correctly and safely), as well as wi-fi. High School and College students get a discount on their membership when they show current semester proof of full time enrollment (transcript).
  • Desk space includes a 7’x3′ desk in the co-working section of Sector67. It has all the other benefits of membership as well.
  • Office space is similar to desk space, except that you get a 7’x7′ area instead of a desk. You can do whatever you want in this space as long as you’re not making noise/dust/smells in the office space.

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Co-working (no key, no tool use), High School, College, Non-Student (regular), Desk Space + Membership, Office Space + Membership


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