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Solar Powered Rocket from Lumen Jewelry, more information on their site. Designed and distributed by a local Madison company! A great way to get introduced to beginner electronic projects by building your own solar powered jewelry.

Cost here includes all taxes, local pickup only on tour days or please schedule a pickup time via the contact us link at the top right.

Operation: I’m ALIVE!

Flip switch to side labeled “Direct”. The power storage capacitor is now disconnected and I get my energy directly off the surrounding light. Sunlight is best, but not the only source I like.
Flip switch to side labeled “Store” to store solar energy or run off internal storage. The capacitor is now connected to the circuit.
Solar – find a light source I like and leave me under it for 20-30 minutes.
Optional USB – plug me in. Wait 2 minutes till I’m really, really If the LED’s are constant, I’m full.
Store my energy for later by flipping the switch to “Direct”.

Endurance: When flipped to “Store” I’ll run about 6+ hours on a full charge in darkness. In “Direct” I’ll blink as long as the room is bright.


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