Arduino/rPi I2C LCD Display – White Letters on Blue Background


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Product Description

I2C LCD display featuring white letters on a blue background. This display will work with a Raspberry Pi or an Arduino. Some information about connecting it to an Arduino:

I2C address = 0x27
Use new LCD library at.

#define I2C_ADDR 0x27
#define En_pin 2
#define Rw_pin 1
#define Rs_pin 0
#define D4_pin 4
#define D5_pin 5
#define D6_pin 6
#define D7_pin 7
LiquidCrystal_I2C lcd(I2C_ADDR,En_pin,Rw_pin,Rs_pin,D4_pin,D5_pin,D6_pin,D7_pin,BACKLIGHT_PIN,POSITIVE);

The I2C controller is a PCF8574.

The backpack is from Funduino, it’s a LCM1602 converter board (takes a parallel LCD and turns it into serial saving lots of pins)

Tutorial here:

Arduino Compatible IIC / I2C Serial 2.5″ LCD 1602 Display Module

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