Sure Electronics 2x15W
Sure Electronics 2x15W

2 x 15W Class D Audio Amplifier Kit


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Product Description

This kit was ordered for a project but never used, more information below. Requires assembly, this is a soldering kit, not an assembled product.

Brief Introduction:

This is a Class-D audio amplifier kit designed to make use of the TPA3122D2 power amplifier IC. Completing this kit, you will have a fully functional, dual-channel audio amplifier. TPA3122 is capable of delivering up to 15W per channel (8Ω at 28V). The efficiency of TPA3122D2 eliminates the need for an external heat sink when playing music. The complete amplifier can be powered by a wide range of 10V to 30V. The 2-slide switch provided can be used to set the gain as 20dB, 26dB, 32dB or 36dB. A green LED included is used as the power indicator. In addition, some interfaces are reserved providing another way of power input, audio signal input or output.
This kit comes as a bag of all through-hole components which are easy to be soldered on the PCB.
Net weigt:80g /2.9oz

Kit includes:

Audio Amplifier PCB (121.90× 91.40 × 1.60 ±0.20mm) ×1
TPA3122 Dual Power Amplifier
2-Slide Switch ×1
10uH/3A Inductor
DC Input Jack ×1
RCA Socket (red and white) ×2
Diode ×1
Green LED ×1
680nF(684K) ×6
1uF monolithic ×8
10Kohm ×9

Couple of downloads an instructions here.

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