Sector67 would like to thank its many supporters in the surrounding community, both those listed publically here and those of you behind the scenes. If you’re interested in providing Sector67 with monetary or with in-kind support please contact us or donate directly below:

You can also contribute a portion of your eBay sales directly to us, we’re registered in their charity database here. Sector67 is a registered with the Amazon charity database, so please donate a percentage of your sales directly to us by purchasing through this link:

Sector67 Inc

Consider contributing by check, cash, or bank transfer for larger amounts to avoid PayPal transaction fees – we appreciate your support! Sector67 is a 501c3 non-profit, so your gifts are tax deductible, please contact us with any questions.

We’re Looking for:

  • Flatbed trailer, something without sidewalls for direct loading would be best
  • Big truck, the bigger and flatter the better, we’d really like to get something with a man lift or a small crane
  • Forklift, fuel consuming or electric (dead batteries are fine) – we need at least 5,000 lbs of lift capacity though
  • Commercial kitchen equipment (NSF certified) – stove/oven, refrigerator, freezer, 3 basin sink, dishwasher
  • Scrap electric forklifts/pallet jacks, if yours has dead batteries and you were quoted $$$$$ to replace them – we have a good home for the remains
  • Office chairs, we’re sick of the $1 chairs from SWAP, I bet your office is tossing wayyyy nicer chairs than we have
  • Any hand tools/sandpaper/saw blades/consumables are always useful
  • Household (solid/stranded) and industrial wire (large gauge and/or multiwire bundle)
  • Pick and place machine for circuit board production
  • Larger sheet metal fabrication equipment (brake, bender, (stomp/hydraulic) shear)
  • Tubing benders, air over hydraulic or hydralic mandrel bender
  • AC/Aluminum MIG Welder (or a decent spool gun)
  • Machine tooling (chucks, carbide, etc)
  • Large vertical bandsaw
  • Manufacturing scrap plastic, metal, or quality lumber.
  • Automobile lift
  • Projector
  • Desktops less than 2 years old, any laptop with a P4 or better

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Community support:

  • We’d like to thank the Madison community for their donations of tools, time, and equipment to help us get started!

Challenge Supporters

Sector67 has competed in a number of design/manufacturing/engineering/art challenges, we’d like to recognize individual contributors to these projects:

Pow Pow Power Wheels Racing Series (PPPRS):

Expedition Arts
Dream Bikes
Isthmus Engineering
Renascence Manufacturing Corp
Technical Service
EV Powers
Maker Controls
Flatt Cola

Red Bull Challenge:

Flatt Cola

Great Global Hackerspace Competition (GGHC):

No sponsors, but we had fun :-)

Dream Bikes Bicycle Blender:

Isthmus Engineering
Joe Kerman

Tex Tubbs Taco Palace Margarita Shaker Bicycle:

Jesse Ransom
Revolution Cycles

Yelp’s On Tap October:

Siglinda Knives
Jim Rasmussen
With community partners Tex Tubb’s Taco Palace, Alchemy, House of Brews and the Clean Lakes Alliance.


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