Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay to be involved with Sector67?

NO, you do not have to pay. We offer events that are open to the general public and are free. Check out the calendar to see what’s going on. We are similar to a gym membership, though, so to use any tools or equipment you’ll have to be a paying member. We have varying levels of membership to suit you. There is no obligation to sign up for an extended period of time, so if you have a short project, you can become a member for as little as 1 month.

What if I’m nowhere near Madison but still interested?

Use the Google forum to keep in touch and talk about your projects. We have lots of members who don’t live in Madison but love the space and still make an effort to come regularly, and our members mailing list is very active.

I’m XX old, can I still get involved?

Yes, we’re open to all ages. If you’re under 18 your parents will have to sign some forms and be present when you’re working here, if you’re over |/ censored/| we’d love to have you by as well.

Can you help me with my idea?

We’ll do our best to help you; if it’s a scheme to build a perpetual motion machine, some thing with magnets, some thing with ceramics, some thing with nano-particles; or something combining these into a perpetual-magnet-powered-ceramic-bearing-nano-machine we might shake our heads a little longer but we’ll still try.

We will NOT do your project for you and we do not work for free unless we want to. There are some members who will work on contract, please contact us directly with specific information about your project and we can make appropriate referrals.

Does anybody know anything about . . .

Yes :-) Post to the Sector67 google group and I’m sure someone would be happy to help! The chances are very good that there is someone in this group who knows about your problem. We have experts in software, electronics, tools, metal work, wood work, plastics, physics, math, and lots of other fields.

Can I leave my kids here?

No, unless it’s for a scheduled class. There are dangerous tools around and we aren’t paid enough to be babysitters.  However, the workshop is open to all ages, you can work with your kids here, but they are your responsibility and must be supervised.

What does membership include?

There are a few levels of membership.

  • Co-working or contributing membership is the most basic.  It allows you to hang out at the space and use the wi-fi. It doesn’t include a key for 24/7 access, so you are at the mercy of regular hours and whenever other members are around. It also doesn’t include access to use any tools.  This membership is most common for programmers and folks interested in the community, but not the equipment.  It’s also used by supporters of Sector67, who want to be invited to members-only events and other activities but aren’t interested in using the equipment regularly.  Cost is $30/month.
  • Regular membership includes 24/7 access with a key, the use of tools (some tools require skills checks and classes from staff to ensure you use the tool correctly and safely), as well as wi-fi. Members may also use a bin in the conference area to hold their projects for work in progress. High School and College students get a discount on their membership when they show proof of current enrollment (NOT a student ID, must show current transcript or other proof of registration for the current semester).  Cost is $100/month, $50/month for college students, and $25/month for high school students (anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult).  If you sign up and pay for 6 months in advance  you’ll receive 1 month for free, if you sign up for a year you’ll receive 3 free months of membership at these levels.
  • Basic desk space includes a dedicated 4′ wide desk section in the co-working section of Sector67. This co-working section has a separate keyed access, and more storage than just the bin. It has all the other benefits of membership as well.  Cost is $150/month.
  • Dedicated office space is similar to desk space, except that you get an approximately 7’x7′ area instead of a desk section. You can use this space for quiet activities related to office-type work – you cannot use the office space for anything that generates noise, dust, smells, etc.  Cost is $200/month.


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