Laser Engraving a Laptop

Not as scary as it sounds, we started off with a test on a dead laptop panel:

Which yielded beautiful results on the first try.  Next up was preparing the artwork (in this case comics) and test engraving a chunk of wood.  After that it was squaring the laptop and shim time:

Then the scary “hit go and hope you got it lined up right”

And finally a happy Brendan and his permanently altered laptop case:

In other news, we now own a giant laser cutter/engraver, we’ve had the good fortune of having access to three laser cutters over the past year, but had a great opportunity to go in with our sister hackerspace i3Detroit on a very affordably priced machine!

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One comment on “Laser Engraving a Laptop
  1. Justin says:

    That’s awesome! Only on aluminum? Could be applied to other cases too. Could be good for identification since it can’t be removed.


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