Week in Updates March

Yet another week has flown by:
Joe’s taken the time to document a few of the prints from Thingiverse.

And the MakerBot is now rocking some lights and a teflon coated nozzle so we can see what’s going on:

And lastly, Rick has some great pictures from the last MakerBot session.

Scott brought in the fruit carbonating chamber, and with some tweaks and a spare regulator we were a regular fizzy fruit manufacturer:

While the oranges appeared unchanged, the grapes very clearly caught CO2 under the skin and the blueberries exploded as they were depressurized. We were using a standard CO2 tank with a regulator capable of 120psi output. Leaving the cold fruit in for 30 minutes resulted in a nice bite.

Lenses were cut for a modified Mag-Lite dive light which turned into a full on Mag-Lite modification mission:

Note the shortened and rethreaded Mag-Lite body:

Backpack strap hacked to allow set positions using some rivets:

Finally got the Xbox Kinect working great:

Lastly, an attempt at ferrofluids:

Here’s some real giant neodymium magnets:

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