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 Post subject: S67 Meeting - 08/03/2010
PostPosted: Wed Jul 28, 2010 2:06 am 
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Message e-mailed out to the announcements list if you're not on it:


Lots of news, please bear with me!

Meeting Location
Just a reminder that we'll be having a Sector67 meeting Tuesday August 3rd 7pm at the Engineering Centers Building in the Discovery Center:
1550 Engineering Dr, plenty of signs if you find the building, free parking adjacent to the building in the ramp.

Meeting Specifics
So far we'll be having a new feature first, called Blue Sky [BS for short ;-) ], so bring your half baked ideas to put out in front of the group!
  • First up we'll have Brian with his talking-head voice-automation room-control-system that runs his lights, blinds, music, etc. All with voice activation, hopefully he'll let his assistant head out of the house and show off how well it works (our first Hack-A-Day project live in person!)
  • Next up Johnathan will make a pitch for BarCamp and why you should show up, and more importantly why you should do a BarCamp session!
  • I'll be showing us pretty pictures of chip lithography and how-ish silicon works. If there's an EE expert in lithography you'd better show up and actually explain this stuff, I'll be prone to guessing as needed :-)
  • Lastly, I'll be going over an update on space and equipment that we've got when we get there(Plasma torch this week!)
Let me know if you have something to present/discuss or a suggestion for something you'd like to learn about e-mail us - team at NO SPAM sector67 dot org

More meeting info/history now online here

20 Founding Memberships
We're going to be signing a big scary lease on a space in the next month, we'd like to make sure we can pay the bills for a year to keep the doors open and cool equipment coming in so we can grow large enough to sustain ourselves into the future. So, to make this happen we'll be offering twenty (20) founding memberships to anyone interested in making Sector67 a reality by paying full membership a for a year. Your name will be forever immortalized on the Sector67 founding wall and we'll figure out some other cool perks :-) . Email us if you're interested in a spot let me know and I'll keep you in the loop as we formalize Sector67 and get the membership forms finished up with the legal team. (it's looking like $100/month will be our initial full membership cost)

Detroit Maker Faire - Sat July 31st-Aug 1st
Disclaimer: I've never been to a Maker Faire previously, but it looks like an awfully fun time, so I'll be there representing Sector67! Maker Faire Information You can catch the "official" Sector67 Maker Faire forum thread here, if you're looking for a ride to/from Detroit or a place to stay hopefully we can connect you with other people leaving from Madison before Friday/Saturday.

Madison Barcamp - Sat Aug 28th, 10am-7pm
Barcamp is an "unconference" where the attendees create the presentations. Barcamp typically focuses on technology-related topics, but topics at Barcamp Madison have been as broad as sociology, psychology, economics, and crafts like canoe making and so on. Because barcamps are participatory, you always come away with a new experience.
BarCamp is an open-format conference where the attendees are the presenters. Our subject matter will be directly tied to what ideas people bring to share with the community. Most of the rooms will be equipped with projectors if participants would like to give a slide presentation. Discussion groups, round tables, Q&A, brainstorming together are also options.
More information:

Sector67 BarCamp Presentation
I've volunteered S67 to teach people how to program Arduinos and why playing with electronics as a software developer can be both fun/entertaining and poweful at the same time. Because we don't have enough cash to buy $30 Arduino development kits for everyone at BarCamp, we'll be etching some Sanguino-esque breakouts with external USB->TTL programming cables that are on their way here from China. If you're interested in helping post here and I'll let you know when work commences :-) We'll likely be purchasing at least 2 Duemilanoves to give away at the BarCamp session since we can't afford real hardware for everyone . . .

Mitch Altman World Famous Soldering/Kit Building Tutorial
Sector67 will be joined by Mitch Altman, the creator of the TV-B-Gone and a founder of San Francisco's Noisebridge hacker space. Definitely sometime late in August, looking like August 29th at the moment. We'll need a lot of soldering irons and work benches, but he'll bring kits and everything else necessary. Here's a description of the session at NYC Resistor. At the very least it's a great way to meet Mitch, at least you get to bring home a useful new electronics toy :-)

Hope to see you at the meeting and feel free to use the forum or the ridiculous IRC live chat in the meantime!


Congratulations! You're the 100,000th vistor, you win! Actually thanks for making it this far, lots of great information this month and tons of August events made for an unusually long announcement :-)

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