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 Post subject: 3D Printing on CNC using Mach3
PostPosted: Thu Jan 13, 2011 11:58 pm 

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Looks like some folks did some of the heavy lifting required for getting the makerbot MK5 extrusion head working on a CNC mill:

I've been giving some thought to what it would take to adapt our current mill setup to be a more generalized 3-axis build/make platform, and I think this is a good example of what kind of possibilities a conversion like that might open up. The way I see it, our mills should provide more accurate and repeatable XYZ movement with a larger range (excepting Z axis probably) then a cupcake or equivalent. If we would take on a Mach3/EMC2 conversion of the mills (or perhaps just the ability to run in either the Anilam or Mach3/EMC controller configuration initially), we would gain the ability to potentially adapt the mills to be:

* 3D routers with a router head (a router is significantly higher RPM and lower cutting force than the mill spindle)
* FDM plastic extruders (using a makerbot extruder head)
* Low-power laser etchers
* CNC foam cutting
* Tangential knife cutter

And probably some other things that I am not thinking of (the low-power laser is pure speculation. I have no experience with laser cutting). As a side effect we would also gain:

* The ability to leave behind the proprietary Anilam conversational format we have so painstakingly debugged and move to a pure gcode solution.
* No longer a need to serial drip-feed larger programs
* Simpler automation of the spindle RPM
* A more modern mill interface using commodity PC hardware

Of course, this would all take a fair amount of work, careful tuning and some hardware investment (a PC, a PCI-based motor controller card and a PCI digital I/O for starters). However, it seems to me like that sort of investment might pay better dividends than, for instance, just getting a makerbot (not that that is under consideration AFAIK).

More food for thought for what a more programmable 3D CNC platform could provide: ... re=related (Mach3 controlling a laser etcher) ... re=related (Mach3-controlled CNC router) ... re=related (Interesting use of Mach3 probe capability for tool centering)

All that being said, there is definitely a benefit to our current mill interface that is tuned to the mill and basically "just works" once you know how to wrestle it. Also having a big red clown nose to mash when things go south is nice, but I presume we can implement a similarly safe setup.

I'm curious what people's thoughts are on the above.


 Post subject: Re: 3D Printing on CNC using Mach3
PostPosted: Sun Oct 13, 2013 9:28 pm 

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Personally coming at this from a experienceed cnc machinist, it would give you one more option for a cnc machine. Ive converted a knee mill to cnc using mach3. A industrial based machine would give you a higher qaulity part then from one of the 3d printers out there now.
I have been planning on starting on this addon for my mill and would love to see it evolve

 Post subject: Re: 3D Printing on CNC using Mach3
PostPosted: Mon Dec 30, 2013 12:48 am 

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