Arduino 101 – 2015-11-30


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Arduino 101 – 2015-11-30
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Nov 30, 2015 at 06:00 pm Nov 30, 2015 at 08:00 pm
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Sector67 Computer Lab
2100 Winnebago St
Madison, WI, US 53704
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Chris Meyer

If you’re interested in learning how Arduino microcontrollers work (or even what a microcontroller is :-P) this is the class for you! This class also serves as a very rough crash course in basic electronics so we don’t expect you know anything about how any of the components work.

We’ll start by a quick overview of the development environment and what buttons do what and then use the Arduino software to program the onboard LED. The next step will be to get an LED working on a breadboard. We’ll then add a switch, servo, potentiometer, and a piezo speaker to create a simple system and to teach you analog input/output, digital input/output, pulse width modulation, serial communication and tone generation.

The next step in Arduinos is DC control of higher power toys, which is covered in Arduino 102 :-)

Remember to bring: A working laptop or desktop computer if you’d like to set up the software on your machine, otherwise we have computers available for you to use. We will loan you all of the components, Arduino, breadboard, and wires for the class – if you bring your own equipment we’ll make sure you leave with everything working correctly with your computer.

Online Resources Mentioned in this Class:
Adafruit Industries – NY company selling Arduinos and soldering kits – (also sells breadboard wires you used)
Sparkfun – CO company selling Arduinos and many other development devices and tools
Arduino online reference materials

We also are a Sparkfun Electronics reseller, so we typically have Sparkfun Inventors Arduino Kits available for purchase at this class if you’d like to go home and continue learning!


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