Bike enthusiasts, Dylan Hughes and partner, were able to combine their passions for biking, recycling, and quality products with their new business WiscoWood. Together these entrepreneurial craftsmen hand make bike-related products from reclaimed wood and other scrap materials.

the process-4

A WiscoWood “Chain Link Wallet” made with reclaimed wood and a blown bike tire inner tube

The duo first came to Sector67 to learn woodworking and laser cutting, but without a specific project in mind.  After a few experimental laser-cut puzzles and tic-tac-toe boards, the thought of starting a business based on their love for bicycles and sustainable principles emerged last November.  WiscoWood now offers an array of unique products including wallets, earrings, and coasters for sale on their website, and is currently working to fill its first corporate order.  They heavily credit Sector67 for making their business possible by providing access to tools and processes that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive to buy or have done.

the process-11

The process starts with waste wood, which is crafted into WiscoWood’s one-of-a-kind products

“Many of the items we use in today’s society are made too cheaply and we throw too much away.  This is simply not sustainable”, says Dylan.  WiscoWood’s products are made almost completely from recycled materials, including all recycled wood and an assortment of used bike parts, including used chains and tire inner tubes.  Not only are their products made from recycled materials, but they are also built to last and have the character that encourages their long-term use.

Check out their website for more about WiscoWood and a full list of their products:


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Absolutely Art Final Exhibit – June 6th


Our neighbors around the corner are closing shop with a final exhibit coming up on June 6th from 5-9PM featuring work that received some assistance from one of our members. Swing in to check it out, more information check out their Facebook page or see below:


Madison, WI – Absolutely Art & Café Zoma are proud to feature a group show entitled, “A Discourse on Love.”  This exhibit, featuring over 45 artists, is the final culmination of a 9 month project by local artist Mallory Shotwell, called the “Study of Love.”  This is a eclectic evening will feature fine art, interactive projects, performance art, live music and much more!  Join us on Friday, June 6th from 5p-9p.  Enjoy meeting the artists; view their work, participate in a project, share your story of love, catering by Bunky’s Cafe & live music!  This is a very special reception for Absolutely Art.  After 9 years of First Friday Artist Receptions, June is our final event.  We are thrilled to have hosted over 100 receptions and events over the years.

A Discourse on Love is an artistic and philosophical discourse on love in Madison, Wisconsin.  The mission of the project is to connect community through collective experiences of love and explore the wide spectrum and many expressions that are within it.

A Discourse on Love is a three part project: 100 interviews, monthly community arts workshops, and the finale of the project is an exhibition featuring over 40 artists each creating new pieces that explores love of all kinds.

The interviews are the foundation of the project – where community arts facilitator Mallory Shotwell interviewed people in the city of Madison.  Visiting a hospice, schools, many coffee shops around, and many more locations, she was able to gather wisdom from all backgrounds and ages. Asking philosophical questions on love, it created a discourse where it allowed the participant to explore their own answer.

The community arts workshops invited participants to create either art or an experience together. Inspired by PostSecret, there were dropboxes placed around town, collecting love letters that were written, but not given.  This idea was well-received, as there was an outpouring of letters of all kinds.  There has also been a storytelling night, Valentine’s Day card making, a day exploring the gifts of love, and a variety show with comedy and music.

The opening reception to the project will be Friday, June 6 at Absolutely Art from 5-9pm. Join us for an immersive experience that encourages the community to connect and engage with love: its expressions, and its spectrum of experiences.  There will be many interactive elements available, including a robot that writes love letters, a listening booth, and materials from the many community arts workshops, tables with typewriters and cards from local card-makers to write to loved ones.  There will also be events throughout the evening of the reception: performance artists, music, a tarot card reader, and much more.  The art will be displayed June 6-28th.

Participating Artists include: Alex Costakis, Andrea Zehner, Ashley Rouillard, Audrey Mahlie, Rebecca Katzenmeyer, Kristin Joiner, Brett Stepanik, Briony Morrow-Cribbs, Char Devos, Claire Kellesvig, Danielle Lee, David Williams, Eli Quinn Elizabeth Oner, Enid Williams, Holly Meyers, Jackie Harrison-Jewell, Jaroslava Sobiskova, Jenni Leaver, Jennie Nuese, Jentri Colello, Joel Starkey, Joe Kerman, Laura Szumowski, Maggie Denman, Margaret Durow, Matthew Coen, Megan Mcmahon, Megan Monday, Melissa Ozel, Miranda Smith, Onga Dehniger, Paul West, Phil Porter, Phillippa Bergmann, Rob San Juan and Annie Sweer, Robin Lee, Ruth Manning, Ryan Robinson, Christine Rebhuhn, & Tami Dettinger.

For more info on the project: please explore the website: http://adiscourseoflove.wordpress.com/ or like it on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ADiscourseonlove

For interviews and more information, please contact Mallory Shotwell at studyoflove@gmail.com

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Young talent brewing at Sector67

Brothers, Liam and Alec, spent their Thursday night at Sector67 working on their high-tech projects.  Alec has been working on hacking a Nintendo GameCube, which he has wired to a screen from a retail kiosk.  Tonight he successfully hooked sound up to his system.  Liam spent the evening working on 3D printing components for a 3D printer that he is constructing this summer.  KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

2014-05-29 20.41.39

Alec with his hacked Nintendo GameCube

2014-05-29 21.15.04

Liam holding components for 3D printer he is 3D printing

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New toys at Sector67

2014-05-23 14.39.01

Di-Acro Blow Molder

2014-05-23 14.32.01

Flextruder Plastic Extruder

Sector67 just added a blow molder and extruder to its makerspace yesterday.  Although the first attempts with the blow molder and a coin barrel mold were a little rough, a lot has been learned, and a few containers recognizable as coin barrels have already been made.

The current goal with the extruder is to be able to produce filament that could be used in the many 3D printers here at Sector67.  This would allow old 3D printed prototypes to be ground back up into pellets, extruded into filament, and recycled for more 3D printing.


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Startup Weekend This Weekend!


The third annual Startup Weekend Madison event returns the weekend of April 4-6, 2014. Startup Weekend is a 54-hour event where developers, designers, marketers, product managers, and startup enthusiasts come together to share ideas, form teams, build products, and launch startups.


(Use promotion code “Sector67” to save $25 off your registration! “student” to save $50 – bring your ID to the door) Here’s some of what’s in store:

  • Food: Enjoy 7 delicious catered meals throughout weekend.
  • Speakers: Hear from Henry Schwartz, Co-Founder of the crowd-sourced brewery MobCraft as well as Kelda Roys, Founder of the real estate tech startup OpenHomes.
  • Mentors: Get advice from experienced entrepreneurs and service providers who will be there to help.
  • Connect: Meet other entrepreneurs of all levels and skill sets.
  • Fun (and Educational!): You’ll have a great time, and learn a ton over the weekend.

Startup Weekend is a true risk-free environment and a great opportunity for both new and seasoned entrepreneurs to gain valuable entrepreneurial experiences and put their unique skill sets to use, meet great people, and have fun. The last 2 events brought together 100 people for a weekend to work on some exciting projects. People of all different backgrounds and with all different skills are encouraged to participate. Organizing partners for the event include Capital Entrepreneurs, Sector67, The Doyenne Group, UW-Madison, MATC, Edgewood College, and Madworks Coworking. Sponsors include Google, Neider & Boucher, American Family Insurance, WEDC, gener8tor, Earthling Interactive, Fine Point Consulting, and University Research Park.

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Mending our Community – A Get Your Clothing Fixed Pop-up at Sector67

Mending Image

Photo courtesy of Flickr – artethgray

When: Sunday, March 30, 2014 11AM-3PM
Contact: Jenina Mella 278-7496; jmella@tds.net

We’ll mend your clothes for free! We’ll do most small jobs such as hem your pants, shorten your dress, repair ripped seams, patch a hole, and replace a zipper or a button or two. We won’t fix luggage or do other more demanding jobs, but are happy to evaluate a repair job and make recommendations. We have most supplies on hand, but if you want to provide items, such as buttons, zippers, or thread for a particular match, we’re happy to use them.

We were delighted at the wonderful turnout at our first event in January. In anticipation of a similar turnout, we’re going to ask you to sign-in on a list and write a few words about what you need mended. We’ll take jobs in the order on the list and give them to the mender whose skills are the best match. We’ll take two small mending jobs per person or one larger job. Enjoy a cup of tea and cookie while you wait.

Note: If there’s a large turnout, we may not be able to get to your job in the timeframe of the event… but we will be back at a future date to be announced on the Sector67 list.

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Mending our Community

When: Sunday, February 2, 2014, 1pm-3pm

Where: Sector67 Event Space

Cost: Free

Contact: Jenina Mella jmella@tds.net; 278-7496

Stop in at Sector to have your clothing items repaired, stay for a nice cozy chat!  Bring your repair project for us to look at and we will try to help. 3 sewists will be on hand to evaluate and repair your clothing items. Keep serviceable clothing out of landfills and on your person, where it belongs.

Services offered: Mending, hemming, zippers, buttons, snaps, hooks replaced. Also, if you have knit fabric clothing (sweatshirts and athletic clothing), we will have overlock machines available for those kinds of repairs, too.

Coffee and tea will be available.

If interest is strong enough, we plan to make this a regular event!



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Community Iron Pour – February 8th

FeLion Studios and Sector67 are proud to announce our 3rd partnership on a community iron pour, taking place on February 8th at Sector67. Please stop out anytime until the 8th to purchase your very own iron molds and have poured as part of the event (you can also stop in first thing in the morning on the 8th and carve a mold):

2014-Valentine's Pour

We have two hearts for $25 or a tile pattern for $20 (limited quantities are available so please stop in to pick them up if you’re interested!), both of which can be customized to your liking and forever cast into iron:
Pile of Hearts

Creating your own heart is easy, you can modify any aspect of the mold:
Scratch Demo 2
Scratch Demo
Just remember a few rules:

  • Mold modification is messy, so lay the mold on a cardboard box or plastic bag to dispose of the excess sand.
  • Remember to draw everything backwards, it’s a mold, not a finished product, so everything will be reversed when it’s poured!
  • Sharpie your design first and carve following your lines
  • Use any pointy implement you’d like but we’d advise against using any power tools as they can create dust that you don’t want to inhale (AKA: wear a mask with power tool work)
  • Return your molds a few days before the pour up until EARLY the morning of the pour

Even if you aren’t interested in making your own cast iron artwork, please join us for music, great company, and a fun spectacle while the iron is poured:




Here’s some cool videos/pictures from prior years as well:

2012 video and image summary

2013 video and image summary


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Camp Fire Rotisserie

Leon was in need of a high quality, easily portable, camping capable rotisserie system for whole chickens.  Rather than resort to a expensive commercial solution (like this really bad photoshop job I found online, there’s no way I’m linking to this site):

Shopped Chicken Roasterhe decided to break out the aluminum and take a shot at a prototype:

chickens, beginning their delicious journeyAside from the chairs that look like they’re about to fall in the fire, it certainly worked much to the enjoyment of those present:

20120101-DSCN0182Time for revision number 2, which required some aluminum angle iron and the CNC mill for adjustable height roasting while keeping the design really simple:



20120101-DSCN0190nicely done.Thanks Leon for the pictures!




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Handmade Bookshelves

Kemper needed a massive set of bookshelves to hold all of his titles; and rather than turn to a carpenter to make them, he laid out a clean design and built them himself:


He first started with a solid design:


and broke things down to the individual shelf to better understand how the pieces would interlock and join:


(I think his architecture background might have helped a little in the process)

After following through on the design, they came out great:


and a long day at work:

bookshelves-kemperThanks for the write-up Kemper!



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Lots of Upcoming Events at Sector67

There are an amazing number of classes this month!

You can come and learn about an amazing variety of skills this month, as we’re hosting everything from a Fractal Soap Making for Adults class on 1/10 starting at 6:30PM (Registration required), to the Madison JavaScript Meetup (MadJS) on 1/13 starting at 6PM, to the grand opening of the Madison Sewing Studio on 1/24 starting at 6PM followed closely by their swatch design competition on Saturday 1/25.

Fractal-Logo2_HeatherCommentsRevB Fractal continues to offer a full line-up of kids classes covering everything from Minecraft and 3D printing, to food science and science enrichment, to building your own hot air balloon or a flashlight.

Silk Dying

And the Sewing Studio will have you learning how to run an industrial sewing machine, making a leather bracelet, or dying silk scarves and mending damaged clothing.

In short, please support our community of awesome class instructors, who are taking a lot of their time to prepare high quality content for the Madison community!

And yes, we have some amazing stuff coming up in February, including our annual iron pour on February 8th but more on that later.
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Yelp Fundraiser Tap Handles – October Launch

Yelp solicited the Madison community for people who would be interested in making some cool tap handles for a launch of their October “Red Bursting Ale” (made by none other than Page Buchanan) at our neighbor down the street – Tex Tubb’s Taco Palace.

Despite the major net cash loss (we’ll write this one off to the Clean Lakes Alliance that we hope got a big check from this – Jim’s modelling arms may never recover). The only criteria was that the handle must have the name of the beer visible and include the yelp logo.

Jim made an amazing handle from a full size negative silicon cast of his arm that was recast as a positive clear resin:

Adrian from Peredesign created a cnc routed and hand finished classic handle from recycled lumber IMG_1289
And Josh from Siglinda Knives pulled together a tastefully simple handle with laser cut engraving and wood elements (center):

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