Sector67 Event Space


2100 Winnebago St

Madison WI US 53704

The Sector67 event space our large open space just a little farther down the building (towards the Ford’s Gym entrance) along all the glass windows. ¬†You can enter directly from the glass doors labelled “Event Space” or please enter the main orange door and walk through the shop space.

Associated Events

Lockpicking 101 – 2014-08-28

Member of Sector67 working with lock sets and tools at Sector67

[event_details] The class teaches basic lockpicking skills for someone with no previous experience. The focus of the class will be on how the Pin Tumbler lock works and how to open it without a key. We'll also touch upon a few other methods for different types of locks. No need to bring anything. Equipment will be supplied for the class. By the end of the class you will understand how to:

  • Pick the common door lock
  • Maintain and rekey residential [...]